Comparing Week(s) Two

Well, it’s Week 2 with Claire’s Wee Ones, and I thought, since her babies are technically the 5 round of babies I’ve raised here on the farm, I’d do some comparing. So here’s EVERYONE at the age of Two Weeks.

Golden Comets (gold sexlinks), age 2 weeks
Rhode Island Reds, age 2 weeks

Dani and Eugenie’s momma is an RiR. Their papa is one of the Comets.

Pip, Week 2. Pip is Dani & Eugenie’s older half-brother.
The ‘Mystery Bin Girls’ – no relation to Claire’s wee ones, but we think they are some kind of sexlink as well. So… potentially same breed as papa?  Or simialr breeding?
The Australorps. No relation, but cute as heck!


The Buff Orpingtons.

And finally…

Dani and Eugenie aka The Wee Ones
Dani and Eugenie aka The Wee Ones

I’m looking for similarities.  Dani looks an aweful lot like the RiRs at this age.  Eugenie is more white like the Comet boys (despite the fact that Eugenie has a smaller, almost non-existent comb and that screams “hen”).  Neither of them looks much like Pip, despite sharing a father and their mothers all being RiR.

There is, I suppose, a slight possibility that Pip might actually be the papa to one or both of them.  that would make whichever one 3/4 RiR (Dani?) … BUT… Pip has (I’ve mentioned before) had a tough time mating with the hens because they all have found him incredibly annoying.  I know of three hens he’s successfully mated with.  The rest, he either got beaten and chased by the hen in question or Dots chased him away.

I don’t really think Pip is the papa.  But that’s a story for another day.


Chicken Math

What do you get when add 1 fully equipped ‘new brooder’ to a car with a full tank of gas and four Tractor Supply stores all within a half-hour drive of your house???

The answer is 18 new chicks…

6 little “strawberry blondes” from the mystery bin labelled “Pullets.” Our best guess?? Some kind of sexlink, but they could be New Hampshire Reds. Either was, they are cute.

6 little ‘penguins’ … umm, Australorps.

And 6 little Buff Orpingtons.

I’m done for this year… unless either of the 4 aforementioned Tractor Supply stores get Ameraucanas this week.

I promise.