Sad Molt

I am finding that I feel very sorry for our hens who are molting.  I know it’s a natura process and all a part of their lives, but they look so miserable all the time.  

Here is Cecilia, or and I call her, Silly.   She is one of the handful of stragglers still trying to molt in the dead of winter.  Why I thought this would be a quick process with all my chickens going naked at once, I don’t know, but there it is.  Mid-February and not counting Silly, I have about three others who are starting the process.  They seem to be taking turns, as one get bad looking just as another starts getting fluffy again. 

Silly is miserable.  She has lost weight, despite me giving the extra protein, meat, eggs, Feather Fixer… and BOSS.  She hangs back, slinking along behind the flock like she is suddenly afraid of them.  And me.  And the chicks.  

She hides a lot, too.  

And this is representative of all the chickens we’ve had molt this year.  It’s our first molt, so I truly didn’t know what to think or expect.  But when my fierce Dragon Ladies turn into simpering simps… yeah, I feel sad for them.  

This hen?  Cecilia? Was the vicious one who used to peck the back of my legs when they were little pullets.  Now she’s afraid of her own shadow.  

Poor dear.  I hope this ends for her soon.