My Flock Turns Three

Three years ago today, I became the proud Chicken Momma to 20 little sexlinked chicks.   Seventeen little yellow roo-lings and three sweet little hens.


Weren’t they cuties? Looking back on it, we are pretty sure that the little rooster napping on My Girl’s chest is no other than Double Dots himself. He still loves to be picked up and cuddled, my little lap rooster. I suspect he discovered his love of hugs on that first night.

Of those original twenty, only two remain… Double Dots and his sister, Abigail.

I’ve talked about them a lot, because no one has personality than these two,   Dots is, of course, my main rooster.   He’s is a fierce protector, a gentle lover of his ladies, and an all around lovable bird.  Abby is the quintessential ‘mother hen’ and the boss of the flock.  She let’s Dots ‘think’ he is, but really, it’s her and always has been.


Here they are now, in pictures taken just this morning.   For three, they are still healthy and happy, although Abby gets a little cross with the younger hens and Dots is always grumbling about the ‘little roosters’ who are helping him watch the flock.

Happy birthday, Abby and Dots!  Here’s to many more!


4 thoughts on “My Flock Turns Three

  1. Woohoo! It’s seems like it’s been such a long time, but at the same time it isn’t really that long. You got an awesome pair of chickens in Dots and Abby. 🙂 I’m almost at my 3 year chicken keeping anniversary too, although Frodo was a bit older than yours when I got her.

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    1. I honestly cannot imagine having other chickens besides Abby and Dots. They are such wonderful birds. I know you feel the same about Frodo. We get so attached to them, don’t we?

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      1. Yes! Although I’ve had a lot of crash courses in not getting too attached. Frodo is like my pinnacle of a good all-around chicken and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

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