One of These Eggs…

One of these eggs is not like the others

One of these eggs just doesn’t belong.

Can you tell us which egg is not like the others

By the time we finish this song?

So… thanks to Luke and Padme, I had four Easter Egger cross chicks hatched this past spring/summer. I was told they would told olive colored eggs and have been waiting to see it happen.

Looks like I got one!!!

2 thoughts on “One of These Eggs…

    1. The song is from Sesame Street, a kids television show. They show 4 items and one of them is always different.

      Here is a pretty good explanation of what they are:

      Mine are Easter Eggers, not the other two breeds. I had one hen and one rooster. The hen bred with my other rooster and the EE rooster mated with several of my Rhode Island Reds. So right now, I have 4 of their offspring. One of hatched from the EE hen egg, and 3 came from my RiRs. All 4 of these cross hens are supposed to lay the olive eggs.

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