5 thoughts on “Sylvester or Sylvia?

    1. The general opinion of the FB group I’m on is that she is a Sylvia and not a Sylvester. Despite the upright posture. I was schooled in how Brahma males get very red faced very early on, with a big red comb.

      I was guessing rooster, too, but am glad to know she’s probably a hen.


  1. Sorry, I forgot to comment on this! That’s interesting, I was going to say it’s a hard call, but I’m slightly leaning towards roo, mainly because I would expect a little more feathering on the back and wings of a female, but that’s going off other breeds and I’m really not familiar with Brahmas. Hope it is a she then!

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    1. The Brahma owners on a Facebook group I’m in have all said, unanimously, hen. I was leaning (obvious by the name) towards rooster, but I’ve decided to go with their wisdom.

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