Feather Butt

Since I gave Mini-Pav his/her own past, I thought it only fair to do that same with his siblings. I give you… Feather Butt.

Feather Butt, another of Pavelle’s part Pavlovskaya, part sexlink, part Rhode Island Red, possible part Polish, mixed up chicks… is the biggest of the three chicks, with a bigger mohawk than Mini-Pav, but almost non-existence wattles.

Feather Butt has grayish yellow legs with a yellow beak and comb that kind of reminds me of Pip.  His/her legs still have little wisps of feathers, showing his Pavlovskaya heritage.  But only little tufts.  You have to be to up close to see them at the ankles and tops of his/her legs.

Feather Butt is friendly, smart and charming.

In short, since I like this chick, Feather Butt is a possible rooster.   Anyone want to place bets?

4 thoughts on “Feather Butt

  1. Ok, I’ll play! Is The Egger Baby still around? I’m going off younger photos for my latest technique. I’m guessing The Egger Baby is a girl and Mini-Pav and Feather Butt are boys. But I could do with more side view photos from when they’re around 10 days old… 😉

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    1. Oh yes! The Egger Baby is still here! We call him/her Eggy.
      I am working up that post for tomorrow… or later tonight.

      It’s going to be very difficult to tell hen or Roo with these chicks. For one, they are cross breeds between a crested hen and a non-crested rooster, and Eggy is part Easter Egger.

      So three different comb styles all competing in these three chicks.

      I will have to let people know when they crow or not!

      But based solely off ‘which of them Debbie bonded with’ – Feather Butt is a rooster. I always bond with the ones who turn out rooster.

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      1. Oh, good. Yes, it is going to be a tricky game. I’m not putting so much weight on comb/wattles now as it’s too hard to tell, unless it’s a glaringly obvious boy. I’m all about the feathers now! Either way, they’re very cute, interesting little feather babies.

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      2. Oh yes! They are very cool little babies!

        Now, Pavelle had me guessing for a while because I was convinced I saw saddle feathers. She still kind of looks likes she has them but I think it’s because of her small body. Because clearly, she is not a rooster!

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