Broody Suite

Spring is beginning to look like a reality here in northern Pennsylvana. The snow from our mid-March blowout is starting to melt, the grass is turning green, there were robins in the front yard… and the chickens had gone from 5-9 eggs a day (January/Feb) to 18-22 eggs a day. My average for the month is 17.something per day. I have few who stagger, so it’s highly possible every one is laying.

The next thing you know *cough*it’s already happened*cough* someone will go broody.

I have this vision in my head of the ultimate chicken coop. Sadly, I have a limited space to work with in the barn. My own allotted chicken space and that’s it. Unless I convince DH to build a second coop, we’re pretty much working with that same space. But I’m constantly trying work in changes and tweaks that might result in something closer to the ideal of my imagination.

We’ve been remodeling the house, and last spring, we did the kitchen, tearing out all the old cabinetry that has been there for close to 40 years.

This full sized until had an old dual oven in the empty spaces.  Today, I gotto looking at it and realized that it would make a good ‘maternity suite.’  Kind of like last year’s ideas to put them under the laying beds, or the cat carrier idea (which worked, although it was cramped due to height constraints.)

But this?  Could be ideal because could remove the doors, hang curtains for privacy and it was was wide inside to put both a decent sized nest AND a feeder/waterer.

After getting permission from Dad (whose cabinet it is) and asking DH to cut it down, this is what we came up with:

And… as luck seems to have it, I might actually have a broody hen.



This is Maicey. She is My Girl’s favorite hen out of all the others. Maicey has never gone broody before, but it sure looks like it.  I’m going to give her a couple of days to see is she sticks with it and give her some of the barnyard mix. I’ve saved out one of Abby’s and Hershey’s (I was there when they laid them luckily) and hopefully some of Pavelle’s.   I don’t buy specialty eggs (from breeders or hatchery) for new broodies. Too much of a chance they will be like Ashley, or mean to the babies.

If she stays broody, Maicey will be the first to try out the new broody accommodations.

7 thoughts on “Broody Suite

  1. Love the maternity suite! Great job of re-purposing. 😀 Maicey does look broody. Is she also limping a bit on her right foot? (I’m an obsessive foot monitor these days…) I hope not but just thought I’d check.

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      1. She’s not limping today, but spent most of yesterday inside on the nest. On the other hand, I don’t think she’s going to go all the way broody. It’s been 3 days (Sun, Mon, Tues) and in my opinion, she’s not ‘deep enough’ to give eggs to. I’ve been collecting good ones to give her, but I think in all likelihood she’s going to snap out of it. I caught her on the roost tonight. Still a little ‘dazed’ but not sitting on a nest.

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      2. Ooh, that’s a tricky one. It’s actually much easier when they’re an all-in broody like Frodo and some of your other hens! Maybe one of your others will play ball.

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      3. Yeah. She did snap out of it. She kept getting off the nest and going outside. Then she’d stand there under their shelter bush tranced out and bucking. It was too cold here yet and I think she wasn’t getting warm enough to go all-in. It’s funny how they do it. Abby’s first two times broody, and her 4th she went all-in right off the go. The 3rd, she was “thinking about it” from mid April til June. Walked around for weeks all puffed up and bucking. Claire and Ashley both gave no warning. Just one day they were sitting on eggs like fluffy dragons. But it’s starting to warm up more, so hopefully we will see signs of wanna-be momma’. And if we don’t… we’ll, Little Dude will be hatching eggs for a 4-H project, as soon as I get my hands on an incubator. He want Barred Rocks, so I’m going get him some and then maybe add some of Pavel’s or Padme’s eggs. (Yes, Padme is a hen. She’s been squatting for Pip and Luke both all week, and has been mated once that I witness to. No wee little blue eggs yet, but I expect it soon.).

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      4. Yay for Padme being a Padme! 😀 Barred Rocks are awesome. If I get into a second breed it would totally be Barred Rocks again. They are so friendly and chilled out. Hope you get a sitter soon.

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