Luke Crows

The little Easter Egger formerly known as Leia… was voted on and is now Luke.

8 thoughts on “Luke Crows

    1. He crows a LOT now. I don’t know if Dots is humoring him or doesn’t realize it’s Luke crowing. But this morning both of them were announcing their presence to the world. Pip doesn’t crow unless he’s outside and has room to run.

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      1. That’s interesting. Dots must know, they’re smart these chickens. Maybe he’s humouring him because there are plenty of hens to go around. Maybe Luke has a more dominant personality than Pip? Pip is such a funny wee thing.

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      2. I don’t know about funny, but Pip is definitely smart enough to know how to survive. He might not be very dominant, but he is a good boy and smart. Luke is cautious. He is still hanging out more in the coop. Padme has abandoned him to hang out with the hens. Or hover around them. She hasn’t found a group of the older ones to hang with yet. But Luke will sit on the roost and crow and crow his little heart out and then he goes outside to find her. It’s little Felix I feel for. Pip and Dots both gang up on him if he tries anything with the ladies. I patched up minor comb wounds 3 times last week because he doesn’t know how to get out of the way quick enough.

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      3. Oh yes. I meant funny like amusing. Pip sounds quite wily, always sneaking around making the most of things. A very good second rooster. I had to go and read your blog post because I was forgetting who Felix was! You probably will have to watch him a bit more if he is 1/2 Orpington, as they are very docile and can get bullied by more assertive chickens. I only have Sam to compare to, but she was very sweet, even when she was the boss for a while. When I look back on her re-introduction after a some days away and how she just went up to Frodo and her new chicks and snuggled with Frodo and helped with the chicks, it was just beautiful. None of my mostly-Australorps have repeated anything as docile as that. Hopefully poor Felix will learn to be a bit more wily and quick. He looks lovely anyway.

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      4. Felix is just awkward. He acts just like Pip, though, so I am hoping he will adjust quickly now that the warmer months are coming. We have too Orps. One is a small, sweet little bird, darker gold in color. The other is a pale yellow, and a bit of a Diva. Felix’s coloring reminds me more of my sweet little girl, but I entertain thoughts that his mother is the other one.

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      5. Hehe. If only there were some way of knowing. Chickens are so tricksy. I’m even having trouble telling some of my eggs apart now since Jane has decided to start laying eggs VERY similar to Lizzie’s.

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  1. Yes. The only real way of knowing is to see them laying. Abby lays in the same nest every day. I can count on it. Hers have a distinct shade of brown. My Orps lay a creamy colored egg. Kind of pale. All the babies from last summer/fall are laying smaller eggs. Pavelle’s and Padme’s are the only ones I could know on sight. Everyone else I’m not too sure about yet.


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