The Easter Egger Curse

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you’d know that DH and I have been on a quest for some time now in regards to Easter Eggers.   That is to say, we want them and they are eluding us.

All the EEs we have attempted to let Miss Abby brood have either died (infertile eggs, broken eggs, died after hatch, etc), disappeared (the two missing ones from this last hatch) or been a rooster (Esther).

I had boldly declared that these last two – whom I preemptively named Leia and Padme in honor of Little Dude’s Star Wars fixation – were being kept no matter what they turned out to be.  Boy,girl, hen, roo. Did not matter.  I was keeping them.

I am keeping them.  Both them.

Even though Leia decided to CROW at me this morning at breakfast time, crushing my hopes that she was just a tall henny.  But no.

My Leia is not Leia.   He is… TBD.  I guess we’re going to vote on a new name tonight at dinner.  Options are Luke, Han, Chewie, or (possibly) Anakin.   But no Darth Anything… I will NOT be raising little Sith Lords.



6 thoughts on “The Easter Egger Curse

  1. I am sorry that formerly-Leia met my suspicions! He is very pretty though, so he could still have pretty babies that might lay blue eggs. And hopefully Padme remains Padme. You’re not cursed, it’s just how things go with chickens sometimes.

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    1. Yeah, I was in denial, I guess. But then, I suppose that means … after all these failed attempts at raising EEs, I’m getting better about telling the boys from the girls. Sort of. I do think Padme is still Padme. Pip has made attempts to catch her affections, so I think I should follow his instincts. Since I am keeping Not Leia too,I could have future babies who might lay olive eggs. I have read that green/blue plus a brown egg layer will give olive.

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      1. Yeah, I think you are good at telling which ones are roos, but maybe you try to ignore your sneaking suspicions. 😉 I really hope Padme is a girl. I don’t know much about EEs, but olive eggs would be nice too. If Luke mates with a non-EE, could any of the female offspring lay blue eggs? And if Luke mated with Hershey could some of the offspring be pretty chocolatey layers of blue eggs?

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      2. I’m not sure. The EEs will lay blue or green eggs. So if Padme is Padme, she will lay blue or green. But if Luke mates with a brown egg layer, like Hershey, I think the only result is olive. I guess will have to see how this plays out.

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