Turducken Without the Duck

Our neighbor has turkeys.  White ones.  Or rather, our neighborhood has turkeys.  White ones.

You see?  They free range everywhere, and don’t care whose farm they are on.  Not only that, but these are second generation turkeys.  The neighbor’s tom and most the first flock died, and the hen mated with wild turkeys… to produce this:

Pretty, aren’t they?

They like our farm, and since the end of summer, they’ve been coming and visiting.  Checking out the garden.  Eating out of the bird feeders. I’ve even caught them checking out the chickens from the other side of the fence.

Dots and Pip usually meet them on our side, all bluster and bucks and warnings about whose pasture it is.

Today, the wandering white turkeys decided to check out the inside of the chicken pasture.

I was surprised, because they didn’t hurt my chickens. Just walked around doing their own thing. Pavel and several of the hens ran over to check it out. One of them puffed up his feathers at Pavel but did not attack or anything.  Given they’ve been running wild for months and months, I was a little worried when she ran right up to them!


12 thoughts on “Turducken Without the Duck

    1. These are sort of semi0tame. They aren’t afraid of them. I have gotten close enough to touch while taking pictures and videos. I talk to them. They walk into our garage and fly up to sit on the roof. It’s really been interesting!


  1. I thought you were going to say you ate one! 😛 Maybe if they’re naughty… 😉 Love your chocolate Orpington by the way, I just about forgot you had her! If you hatched some of her eggs you could end up with all sorts of pretty colours.

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    1. Oh, LOL! They are crazy turkeys. So far, they haven’t been too bad.

      Hershey is pretty, isn’t she? She’s big and fluffy. Almost as big as Dots with all her fluff. She isn’t laying eggs yet. I think she’s waiting for winter to be over, although both her and Pavel have been checking out the nesting boxes, recently. Who knows!

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      1. Well turducken is a cooked poultry meal, right? Haha. On MasterChef NZ they once did turduckenqua, which was turkey, duck, chicken, quail and possibly something else too!
        Yes, you’ll have to take more photos of Hershey. 🙂 They do take a bit longer to lay. Info websites tend to say 20 weeks but it’s often more than that. 20 weeks is the earliest one of my Australorp/Australorpish hens have laid and that was Lizzie, with maturity coinciding nicely with spring. The others have been later. So Hershey may wait until spring.

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