The Fab Four 

Aka Ashley’s Babies… or whatever you want to call them… will be eleven weeks old this Sunday.

They don’t really like much, and Ashley raised them with the instinct to hide from everything bigger than them, so getting pics for a decent comparison is hard to do at this point.

But I’m going to share some of the recent pics I do have.  If you fee like making guesses as to gender, have at it!

I will make a better attempt to get good body shots of them. Currently, Felicia looks the most like a little rooster-in-training. So maybe Felicia is really Felix?

Max was the other I thought looked rooster-like when they were little, but his wattles and comb seem to have stalled in the growing, where Felicia’s have gotten bigger and rather red. Close up pics would be good, but since these chicks are skittish (thank you, Ashley, and your ‘let’s hide til the big people go away!’ method of motherhood), by the time I chase them around and pick them up for the close up, they’re too scared to hold still. *sigh*

5 thoughts on “The Fab Four 

    1. They do! They are almost bigger than Pavel now. She isn’t going to be as big as the other hens, so they will surpass her soon. Sometimes they cuddle up with her in the afternoons, hiding in the laying boxes. She’s 20 weeks+ so I wonder if she is thinking about eggs, but they follow her in because it’s warmer. Ah well.

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      1. Only for the broodies. Claire keeps showing signs of wanting to, but hasn’t, thank goodness! And Abby seems to like late summer/early fall, considering she’s gone broody twice at the end of October.

        Little Dude (who is more of a Medium Dude, now that he’s turned 10) wants barred rock chicks. We’ll have to see how it goes.


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