Happy Birthdays and Sad Goodbyes

So today is Pip’s birthday.   He is 1 years old today! 

Isn’t he handsome?  I gave him banana for a morning treat.   He shared it with a henny.  He’s a good boy!  

And now, for the bad news.  

Abby is down to two baby Easter Eggers.  I don’t know what happened to the other two.  They were there with her yesterday morning.  Little Dude and went to clean the coop after church and they were all there.  

I took pictures of them for their 1st week-aversary post.   

All FOUR of them.  

This morning there are only two.  

I can’t even guess what happened.   😦 

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthdays and Sad Goodbyes

  1. Happy Birthday Pip!! He’s such a nice rooster! Disappearing babies is the worst! We had two that went from egg to baby to gone within an hour last year. I thought about putting in some camera’s. It just baffled my mind what had happened to them. 😦

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    1. I would b happier (not by much) if I could find bodies. Then I could at least say ‘pecked to death’ or whatever it looked like. Having them go missing upsets me. She has the remaining two outside this morning. It’s sunny and not too cold.

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    1. Pip really is beautiful! And I’m so glad that, other than chasing, he and his papa get along well.

      I am sad about the missing babies, too. I searched the whole area and found trace of blood on the ramp that never noticed before, so I am working off the assumption that a predator got at them somehow. We do have a big, black tom cat who roams the hills between neighboring farms. He is quite frankly scary. I’ve seen him several times lurking about and I actually suspect him to be the culprit behind Becky’s demise last fall, as well. I may never know for sure.

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  2. I am sorry for your loss. It is hard to lose an animal but even harder when you don’t know what happened and therefore can’t put steps in place to ensure that what ever killed them doesn’t happen to the rest of the animals. I lost a fully grown hen a couple of years ago. I am in the suburbs, there were 4 other chickens, I didn’t hear or see anything. I still wonder what happened to her, she was just not there one evening at dinner time. I wonder if she somehow dug out or found a hole that no other chicken had found before or since and got lost. I have no idea!! I hope the other babies are ok, and Abby isn’t traumatised.

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