Snow Birds

I’m needing to post pictures of chickens doing Chicken Things today, and since the temperature decided to warm up and the wind isn’t blowing, they decided to oblige me.

I give you…the snow birds.

5 thoughts on “Snow Birds

  1. Your chickens are beautiful!!! No snow here yet on West Virginia but it’s been cold and windy.. my girls don’t seem to mind it yet, but I’m sure the first snow fall they wont know what to do. I have 11 teenagers (7 months), 6 5 month olds and 4 hens that are over a yr and my rooster, I call him Godzilla lol, he is a little over a year. I’ve been raising them since March and have loved every minute of it..

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    1. Thank you! I love my birds, too,even if they are silly about the snow sometimes. My older ones are all a year and a half old. I have 11 hens and 1 rooster in that bunch. They are all in various stages of molting right now, and one of them is sitting on babies. Then I have 1 year old rooster, 11 9-month olds and 1 5-month old, 2 4-month olds, 4 1-month olds, and 4 4-day olds.

      So… 2 roosters (a father-son duo)… 25 hens and 8 babies. We started our flock April of last year (2015). They are so much fun!

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      1. I want more babies but I keep telling myself to wait until spring!! My hubby tells me all the time to stay away from the Flea Market and Rural King, if not I’ll be bring home all kinds of babies. Lol!!!

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      2. I’ve been breeding my own babies. Now that I have all the breeds I want, everything else will be ‘barnyard mix’ babies. I just wait a hen goes broody and instead of ‘breaking her’ I just slip a handful of eggs under her and 21 days later, babies!

        I think there is a romanticism to ‘spring chicks’ but I’m becoming a fan of raising them in the fall. They grow up over the winter and come spring, the girls are ready for laying their first eggs. You have to forego cute pictures of chicks in new spring grass,though. I don’t recommend letting the hen sit past October, though,unless you’re sure of the mama. my 4-day olds are the last I’ll raise this year, and the only reason (the ONLY reason) I have them is because they are with my best mother hen. I can count on her let them freeze to death.

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      3. I’ve only had one of my girls go broody and she hatched a couple but didn’t do well with them. My rooster got one of the babies before I was able to get her and the babies out, after that she didn’t want to do anything with them. I have never tried an incubator but may try and give that a chance. Hopefully this year I’ll have a couple more girls that go broody.

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