The Poor Chickens

… went to roost last night to a green pasture and some light rain.  

They woke up to this:

Needless to say, none of them are happy. Poor babies!

I sprinkled the run and ramp with straw and left their breakfast dish out there.  

Door is open if anyone wants to go in and out.  

Winter is here, birdies.  

7 thoughts on “The Poor Chickens

    1. No, they do not like the snow! And for some of them, it is their first sighting of it. I always keep the coop open in the day time, in case they want to, but they really don’t.

      (Sorry the title scared you, btw! Best be warned the post I just made a few minutes ago is a little sad for real. )

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  1. We got snow here too though not nearly as much as you did. The winter storm that blew through just grazed us. It got pretty cold though. Not quite winter yet but it let us know it is on the way!

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