Picspam to Keep Me Busy

Yesterday was Day 19, aka Lockdown Day for Abby and her little clutch of blue eggs.  (Easter Eggers -Wee!)  I’m getting anxious about it.  I can’t wait to see how many hatch and what they look like. I’m hoping for different colors and hopefully… sweet little girls.

While we wait… some picspam from the pasture.

Pavel…Pavelle…perching in the “clubhouse”tree. She really is a pretty little bird.


6 thoughts on “Picspam to Keep Me Busy

  1. Chickens! More picspam please! 😉 Poor pouty little Pavel. Does that mean her special friend Es has gone too? How is Ash going at being a mum? Hope all goes well with the blue hatchlings. 🙂

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    1. Yes, sadly, Es is gone. I saved him for last because I couldn’t make up my mind and now I think I should have kept him. Or at lest if of those Roos. A flock of 30 hens plus babies is apparently too much for Dots and Pip, as they had gotten spoiled by having Dani and the other Boys around to take up the slack. Be their eyes, so the girls don’t get into trouble. But DH all but promised me I could one of these winter babies if it’s a rooster, in exchange for Es. We don’t do Freezer Camp over the winter so it won’t be until April or May that we do it again. Unless I rehome some, like I did Black Jack.

      Ashley is flakey, as moms go. She is teaching them things and letting them follow her around but she will also wander off (or rush off suddenly if I show up with treats) and leave them wondering where she is! If they don’t see her, they stand there and cry until she comes back. Now, they are getting big for their age and are figuring out more and more but they are still babies. I seriously doubt I will ever let her have eggs to hatch again!

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      1. Aw, so long Es! Don’t worry, I’m sure Pav will make some new friends soon. Hmm I guess that is a lot of hens for two roosters. Definitely a good excuse to be able to keep another one. 🙂

        Oh, Ashley. I wish she was more like Frodo as a mum, as it is such a joy watching Frodo raise babies. They all have such different personalities though, and you never know until you try. She obviously just doesn’t have enough mothering instinct. At least she’s not a psychotic mother though. I hope the babies do ok until they’re big enough to fend for themselves.

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  2. Nope, Ash is not psychotic! And she does seem to love them in her own weird way. That’s really the only reason I let her keep them. She is trying, instinct or not. Human parents do worse sometimes with their kids. I guess I just expect more of chicken moms? And they will be 4 weeks old on Sunday, and they are all still alive! So she hasn’t done too shabby! I’ll just have to remember someday down the road that Dalmie #1 or possibly Felicia might not be the best choices for broodies.


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