R.I.P Little Ones, Where Ever You Are

ETA: We found them! They are alive!!!
Today is a bittersweet day at house.  My husband and I took a leap of faith a few weeks ago and decided to become members of the church we’ve been attending.

Today, during the church service, we and 5 others were formally recognized and welcomed by the rest of the church.    It’s the beginning of a new journey for us.

Later on this same afternoon, My Girl took and passed her driver’s test.  She is now a licensed driver, according to the great state of Pennsylvania.   It’s the beginning of a new journey in her life, too.

And, as the title of this post suggests, my coop is missing some of it’s flock members tonight.

Ashley’s babies Littles,who just this morning celebrated their 1-week birthday, are gone.  All of them.  Vanished without a trace.

It’s been raining.  And they’ve been refusing to go outside, even though Ashley has tried a couple times to coax them out.  Mostly, they’ve hung out in the coop.  And it’s been raining today.

They were in the coop this morning, when Little Dude and I went down to feed and open the door so the Big Hens could go outside.  We cleaned up, gave everyone water and food and played a little with the chicks.  Then we went to get breakfast and headed off to church.

DH and I had a bible study at 6pm, so we left Little Dude with my mom and dad.  He knows what to do to lock up and collect last minute eggs.  We got a call shortly after, from my mom.  Little Dude was panicking.  He couldn’t find them  Ashley was there, “sitting” on nothing because she is still in broody momma mode.  But the babies are gone.

While we were gone, Mom, Dad and Little Dude searched for them in the dark and in the rain.

When DH and I got home about 45 minutes later, we also searched.  Everywhere we could with flashlights.  I checked the bedding, the run, the coop, the tunnels, the bushes and the truck cab.  In the dark, in the rain.

There’s simply no sign of them at all.  😦

I’m going to look for bodies in the morning.  Just in case I missed them in the darkness.   But at this point, I have to give up hopes of finding live chicks.  They need a momma’s body heat to keep warm, and it’s been too long.

Here is the last video I took of them, taken yesterday morning.

Rest in Peace, wee little ones. Maxie, Cinnamon Bun and the Dalmies. Sweet babies taken too soon.

ETA: We found them! They are alive!!!

8 thoughts on “R.I.P Little Ones, Where Ever You Are

  1. Oh no! That is so sad! 😦 And after an exciting day too. I’m hoping against hope that you’ll find them in the morning, but if not, I’m so sorry. That is rough, especially when you don’t know what happened.

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    1. It’s hard for me to conceive of them going outside yesterday. We had a little sunshine in the morning, but by the time we all left for church it was raining, and rained hard and steady most the afternoon, until about 2. Then it let up a little and started in again. And yet, there are no little dead bodies in the coop and Ashley was just damp to suggest she had been outside.

      She did try that morning, while it was still sunshine, to get them to come outside. I think after being broody for weeks and stuck inside the coop with them, she was ready to go out. But while we were there, they rejected her proposal and she returned to the coop to be with them. I can’t imagine them giving in and going out while it was raining so hard. But the absence of little bodies in the coop and a wet Momma suggest they might have.

      I’m going to look around once it gets daylight. Although Daylight is subjective. It’s raining yet again today. If they did go outside anything could have happened. Predators, drowning in the rain, I don’t know.

      I was just getting a feel for Ashley as a mother hen. She isn’t a ‘dragon lady’ like Claire or a ‘helicopter mom’ like Abby. She was timid and her idea of caring for them was keeping them away from the bigger chickens. She may not be one I give eggs to again, or possibly only a much smaller number than I did give her. Maybe four was too many to keep track of? I just don’t know. Too many questions and not enough answers. 😦

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