Hatching Day Came Early

So, last night I was worried that Ashley being off the nest would cause the unhatched babies to die.  

This morning, I have three peeping babies, two working on hatching and one still remaining.  

One of the two partially hatched eggs looking like Ashley was trying to help it.  The shell is picked off on one side but not the membrane.  The baby was breathing but not broken free.  I’ve read that unless you know what you’re doing and very careful, ‘helping’ is not something we humans should do.  We risk shrink-wrapping the chick in the membrane so I’m not sure I should try and help it along or leave and see it gets out on it’s own or with help from Momma. 

The troubling thing is that Ashley was once again off the eggs.  When I found her, she was in the next nest with the egg she was ‘helping’ while the three chicks were sitting confused with the other eggs.  I put her back, but I am worried that she isn’t going to be reliable as a mother hen.  She can’t just leave the babies while they are trying to hatch and keep warm.  

No pictures as of yet.  The three babies I saw were yellow/white and one of them had a black spot on the back of its head.  

2 thoughts on “Hatching Day Came Early

    1. The brooder is clean and one needs wood chips and food. She was still sitting on a couple of eggs last night, since TODAY is the actual hatch day and not yesterday.

      I’m glad they are hatching, too. I am also glad I didn’t purchase eggs for her. If she had abandoned them, I would have been out money. Instead, I’ll have a little clutch of barnyard mix.

      2 of them so far are yellow with black spots, rather like chicken Dalmatians. The black, I’m assuming, is from an Australorp, but I could be wrong?


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