Father and Sons

I just wanted to share this post, because I have the best roosters in the world.  

Double Dots, my Golden Comet (aka sexlink) rooster.  He’s a year and a half old and the ‘papa’ of the coop.  

Pip, his oldest son, who is now 10 and a half months old.  Pip is his father’s right hand man, a protective big brother and learning to be a good boyfriend to the hens.  

Dani, (I should call him Danny now but he’s been Dani so long and it sounds the same so he doesn’t know he has a girl name.) who is just trying to earn a place.  He’ll probably wind up in Freezer Camp, sadly, but he’s starting to grow into himself.   

Do you see the family resemblance between father and sons?  

Do you have roosters you think are ‘the best in the world’?  

Tell me about them.  

3 thoughts on “Father and Sons

    1. That’s why I’m glad we live in farming country and have acres of land between us and neighbors. Although, our closest neighbor raises turkeys and they like to come visit us sometimes. I have a weakness for roosters. Nature saw fit to make the male birds prettier than their female counter parts. My roosters are gorgeous! I look at them and fall in love with the bright colors and brash personalities. Unless they are mean/aggressive, I wind up wanting to keep them all. My husband says I can only keep two, though I almost had him convinced to allow 3.


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