Counting Your Chickens

They say not to count your chickens before they hatch.  It’s an analogy meant to mean not to count on something happening before it happens.

In the case of this post, it means don’t count your chickens before the hatch… or even AFTER they hatch.

The last little baby EE is dead.

He hatched this morning and when I left the coop he was under Abby with his brothers.

I came back down a few minutes ago with peach remnants for the older chickens and gave Abby a piece, too.

I noticed one of the Sulmtalers was covered in sticky stuff, thick like tar and it was causing the Sulmtaler to be stuck to Abby. So I got a wet cloth to clean off the baby and looked for the source of the sticky stuff.

It was the new hatched baby EE. 😞

It looks like, I can’t tell but it looks like the navel burst?? I’ve heard that was a thing that can happen. The sticky stuff was thick yolk and blood. 😞

I removed baby from the nest and cleaned out the sticky so no one else got stuck in it, and then checked baby for signs of life.  Faint breathing or movement.  Nothing.

I am very sad now.  I was so happy when he actually pipped last night.

I know death happens on the farm.  But I’m still saddened by this.

9 thoughts on “Counting Your Chickens

    1. Me, too. I just want to cry. I shouldn’t because I know it’s all a part of life on a farm, but I still want to cry. He wasn’t supposed to die. 😦


  1. Oh no! That is really sad. 😦 Have a read up on omphalitis. It is quite a common thing resulting from contamination. Make sure you clean everything reeeally well and be careful with handling as the bacteria can spread to the others in the first week or two. Keep a close eye out for lethargy in any of the other chicks. Hope the rest are all ok and are going to be toughies! They are so cute. Especially those chocolate Orps. 😉

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    1. I did look up omphalitis when I was looking at reasons it could have burst. Scary, really! I cleaned up the bedding and the chick who was stuck to Abby, so hopefully, no more badness will trouble this flock. They all seem fine.

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