Broody 10 – Day 18 

I keep waiting for the story of this broody adventure to be about cute fluffy chicks.  Instead, I keep getting one disaster after another.

I found this when I went to take Abby off her next for the morning.  Today is Day 18. Tomorrow would be ‘lock down’ and I wanted her to have one more day of sunlight and a chance to stretch her legs.

So this? Is not good?

I don’t really know what happened, but I can guess.  Abby didn’t leave the next at all yesterday, but when I was checking eggs in the afternoon, there was a new pullet in the bed next to her. They don’t usually choose the beds next to Abby because Abby likes the higher boxes. Everyone else chooses the lower beds, but I found Lola right next to Abby in the corner box.

If Lola started on the other side and checked other beds, she could havewalked over top of Abby and caused something like this.

Now… to the Good… the baby is still alive in there. I can see the membrane rising and falling. That’s breathing and movement.  I put it back under Abby.  I don’t really know what else to do.

I don’t have an incubator, and I don’t have the money to run out and buy one.  Even if I did, I don’t have time to set up, learn not to screw it up, and put the egg in.  So it’s back under momma for the time being.

I did ask the lady who sold me the eggs what she thought I should do.  I could attempt to help it hatch the rest of the way, or leave it go and see what comes naturally.

Of course, today I’m going to be out of town and not home most of the day.  So whatever advice she has for me will be left unfollowed until later on today or tomorrow.

Today is Day 18.  “Lock down” is tomorrow.  I expect to see chicks Wednesday at the latest,until something else happens.

I’m praying nothing else happens.  I already feel so bad.  :-/

And now… for the cute…

Since I couldn’t take her off the nest for this morning, I decided to give her food and water in bed.  Chickens are so cute when they drink.  🙂

10 thoughts on “Broody 10 – Day 18 

  1. Oh my gosh!! That looks quite alarming! Can’t believe the baby is still alive in there, if it does hatch it will be quite something!! I would also prefer to put it in an incubator I think, to keep the humidity high… But who knows what mummy hen can do! Fingers crossed!! X

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    1. Momma decided it wasn’t safe to sit on it. She pushed it out of the nest. I found it sitting nest to her – no movement anymore – when I went down to collect eggs.


  2. Oh dear! Your chick troubles are almost as bad as my sick chicken troubles! 😦 Can you put wire or something on the sides/top/front of Abby’s nest box so no one can climb on her? Those pullets are being so awkward for you. I guess they don’t understand the whole egg process yet.

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    1. Usually no one bugs Abby. She prefers the top nests because of the privacy, everyone else takes the lower ones because they are easier to get into.

      Little egg did not survive. I went to collect eggs yesterday evening and found that Abby had pushed it out from under her. It was sitting right next to her but no more movement. She must have felt it wouldn’t survive or that it was a risk to the others. 😦


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