The time of New Eggs Approacheth

This year’s spring chicks are 17 weeks old this week. There are quite a few of them whose wattles and comb are getting bigger and redder.  

Yesterday, I noted that someone had been tearing apart the laying beds on the far side of the coop.  The side that used to be the Grow Up coop.  

I watched them a little in the afternoon and observed one of the pullets checking out the beds.  She walked the length of coop, sticking her head in the nests and looking around.  

Today, she brought a couple of friends with her.  

Abby was 17 weeks when she started laying.  She was my only layer for weeks.  Then her sexlink sisters started, and lastly, after all the rest of the Boys were sent to Freezer Camp, the RiR girls started. 

I don’t expect this year’s girls follow Abby’s ambitious footsteps but I can definitely see signs that I may someday soon be finding little pullet eggs in the nests alongside those of the big girls.  

It’s coming.  The eggs are coming.  

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