Dani and Eugenie 

Week 4 …

It’s actually kind of hard to believe that Claire’s sweet babies are 4 weeks old, and yet, they are.  

They really have integrated well with the rest of the flock. 

This morning, they were up in the rooster and I was able to get decent pics of both of them.  Eugenie is such a stinker and hard to get pictures of at all.  

Eugenie or Eugene?

This week has seen a growth spurt in both of these chicks.  Dani still looks like a little rooster with that big comb of his.  

Eugenie, while still sporting little to no comb as of yet, is now grow wattles.  You can see them fairly well in this picture.  Comb is still tiny, though.  I’m still giving ‘her’ an 80% chance of being a girl. 

Dani, however, is pretty much Danny.  I am loving his coloring, though.  

For comparison sake, here is Pip at about the same age.  

Pip, roughly age 4 weeks

Pip had the same jowly look, but definitely a bigger comb.  

So that’s our week 4. 

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