Weeks 14 and 1

With the sadness of losing little Stevie, I didn’t feel like doing the week-aversary posts.  

Here they are:

the “Littles” are getting a lot less little

The spring “Littles” are spending their week 14 learning to explore a little bit more of the great outdoors.  

The older ones seem to have really accepted them well.  

Some of the Buff Orpington roosters are as tall as Pip and Dots now.  

Claire and her babies continue to be a buffer between them and the older ones.  I think they consider her a ‘patron saint’ or something.  

Here are the first week-aversary pictures of Claire’s wee ones.  It’s mostly Dani, because Eugenie wouldn’t let me hold her/him long enough to take a picture.  

Dani at 2 days old

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