12 Weeks 

The Littles are 12 weeks old now.  Actually 12 1/2 by the time of this post, but I was busy this week.

Just hurry up and take the picture, Mom, so we can go outside

It seems strange to not have Black Jack here.  I miss seeing Black Jack in the coop and tunnels with them. I hope he is happy in his new home.

In his absence, one of the Buff Orpington roosters has started to crow.  They are are tall boys, and look bulky and brawny.  But when I pick the biggest boys up, they are all legs and fluff.

Is this common to Orpingtons?

Jack had more bulk on him than all four BO roosters together!

Tweety, the wild jungle bird
watermelon! yum
Saving these pieces for later – if no one finds them first!


2 thoughts on “12 Weeks 

  1. I don’t have any experience with Orpy roosters but I must say Sam, my Orpy hen, has A LOT of feathers. When she was in the thick of moulting she looked a fair bit smaller. I had always thought Frodo, my Australorp, was smaller but now I’m not so sure! When I bought them as young pullets Sam was like fluff central.

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    1. They really do seem to be mostly fluff! Three of the four Orpy roos I have right now are all almost as tall as Pip (he is 27 weeks, there abouts) and they look HUGE but I pick them up its just… legs and fluff.

      I’ve also noticed, right from the beginning, that these Orpingtons and Australorps like to snuggle. At bed time, they all pile on top of each other. Even in the heat. Last night, I observed one of the Orp roos stretching his whole body out to lay over top of the three others chicks sitting with him.

      *sigh* I really wish more of those had been girls.


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