Pip Answers the Call

Pip guards the gate, fervently watching for intruders from beyond the tall grass. In the distance, Double Dots calls outs to the flock. His papa, his leader, his mentor. Pip answers the call.


I’ve been waiting for so long now to hear Pip’s crow.  Dots had his for so long, and then Black Jack.  And now one of the other Little Roo-lings has been crowing.  But aside from DH and Sad claiming to have heard him, I have not.  

This morning, I heard my Pip Chick loud and clear. 

My ‘baby boy’ is a boy no longer.  He is a man! 

4 thoughts on “Pip Answers the Call

    1. He has been the lowest in the pecking order since Abby quit sheltering him full time. I suspect not crowing was his way of not rocking the boat.

      Because, you know, that worked out so well when Black Jack tried it.

      But the Littles in the grow up coop are, in fact, getting more mature, and I think Pip is trying to catch their attention. He spends s lot of time sitting on the fence above their tunnels. I think he is guarding them.

      He’s also been practicing tidbitting. Usually, he shows me what he’s tidbitting, but I suspect that’s because the older hens still have a habit of chasing him.

      3-4 more weeks until we integrate, though, so he has time to perfect his methods so he can impress the new girls.

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