Rehoming, Reareanging 

Black Jack went to his new home today.  He’ll be free ranging with a flock of young pullets after his integration period. 

Little Dude was really sad to see him go, but I explained that this was the best option for Jack that didn’t involve fighting Double Dots for survival or going to Freezer Camp.  

Out last picture of Black Jack on his way to hos new home

When we returned home, the Littles were all inside the coop, save for handful of fearless ones.  They were subdued and quiet, no doubts missing their leader.  I’m going to miss him, too, and that special weird crow of his. 

  I wonder how long it will take before one of the other little boys will try their hands (beak?) at being the leader?  I hope it won’t be the little club-foot one because he is obnoxious.  

In a couple more weeks, we will be working towards culling the rest of the little boys and beginning the integration process.

The Littles will be 12 weeks this coming week, and I’m hoping to begin combining flocks by 15 weeks.  They should, hopefully, be able to defend themselves against the older hens by then.  

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