Friday & Farewell

There’s a lot to cover this Friday afternoon.  

I’ll start with the chick’s 11th weekaversary pic:

Black Jack, Scarlett and Tweety

My spring chicks have all turned 11 weeks old.  They are starting to look like feathered sardines on the grow up coop, just like they used to in the brooder.  

That means I need to start thinking about how, and when, I’m going to integrate them.  And how, and when, the 6 roosters meet their Fate(s).  

The fate of one of them has already been decided. 

I found a home for my beautiful Black Jack.

He is going to a new home, with a flock of his own.  Probably sometime this weekend.  I’m going to miss him, but I know this is for the best.  He will get the flock he deserves and I won’t wind up a basket case because he was culled.  

Remind me next time not to fall in love the roosters I know I can’t keep.  Okay? 

This morning, I let one of the Orpingtons come out to the pasture with me and I got a beautiful photo shoot out of the deal:

He had so much fun, and actually ran away into the tall grass around the pond, so I couldn’t get him.  I wound up leaving him there, cleaning the coops and then coming back for him.  

None of the bigger chickens seemed to mind, or even noticed, so I guess it was all good. 

water cooler gossip
firget the watercooler! the buckey water is better
my broody girl, Claire, trying tonforce her way intonthe coop. there were four hens blocking her parh from the inside
they finally moved, in she goes
the Littles enjoying theirnmorning ‘salad’ of grass, clover leaves and dandelion

5 thoughts on “Friday & Farewell

  1. I’m glad you found Black Jack a home. I have some young roosters that I am already dreading sending to “freezer camp,” but I know I will have to. Nobody here will want roosters, it’s very hard to find them homes, and I already have three that are settled in; I don’t want to replace them with younger ones who may not behave as well once they mature. I wish I could keep all of them too. 🙂

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    1. Yes, that’s the problem I will run into with the others. I don’t mind so much if they go into the freezer. I shouldn’t mind if Black Jack does, either. I wasn’t supposed to make the attachment to him but he has such a presence and personality about him.


  2. I’m glad you found Black Jack a home! He is beautiful. Jolly beautiful chickens… 😛 I don’t know what I’m going to do if I get cockerels. It’s simple in theory: eat them. But the Australorps are just so pretty. If they had dumb personalities it would be easier.

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