9 Weeks – Time for Finals 

Not really *g*  but it is the middle of 9 weeks with my Littles.  

Here are some pictures of all of them, both individually and together.  

If you’re playing along at home, I think there are 6 roosters in this batch of 18.  How many do you count? 

6 thoughts on “9 Weeks – Time for Finals 

  1. I just love the individual pictures! You can see how different they all are. Looks like Pip is going to have some competition soon with all those young guys in there.

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    1. I’m considering trying to keep Black Jack. I love him, and if he can coexist with Dots and Pip without disrupting the balance of things, he might stay with us. There’s at least 12 hens there and 12 older hens. 24 hens is a lot for 2 roosters to look after at once.

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      1. Well, Dots and Pip are still getting along, if by getting along you mean that Pip runs away whenever Dots chases him and Dots stops about two foot away and goes back to his own business. *g* I think Dots is still afraid Abby will peck him if he hurts ‘her baby’ so he doesn’t do more than chase and bluster at Pip. And Pip is still under the impression that his papa is bigger than him so he still has a healthy respect for the chase & bluster. In reality, Pip is almost as tall as papa now, but doesn’t have the weight of a mature rooster. He also does not have spurs, only little nubs when they will be. Dots has impressive spurs he’s never used on anyone, though I have been vigilant in checking the girls for injuries incurred during mating. When that happens, I will have to de-spur him.

        Black Jack would be a wild card, and having him there would throw off the balance a bit. We’ll have to see.


  2. Oh yes! Definitely 6 roosters! If the rest are all hens, you’re very lucky! 😀 I hope I will be so lucky with my chicks!

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