More Spring Cleaning

This weekend our family did a little more spring cleaning.  Not the coop this time (that was ALL me!) but the barnyard and pasture where the chickens play.  The whole area somehow managed to accumulate a lot of unwanted debris over the course of the winter.

We picked up trash, broken glass, residual shingles from the milk house collapse, and even dug the old plastic fencing out of the ground to remove it.

DH also had this ‘brilliant’ idea to build a mini-pond in the swampy area where the pasture spring runs.  He thinks it will dry up some of the swampy area… I think it will attract mosquitoes.   We’ll see who’s right in time, I guess.

The chickens like it, though. Every thing we dug up held an abundance of worms and they quickly realized that if they followed the humans around, they’d get some!

It looks so much better without all the crap, and the chickens are still loving the pond!


4 thoughts on “More Spring Cleaning

  1. If you have a pond…you can get ducks… 🙂 Nothing cuter than baby ducks…
    Looks good! Glad the chickens were a help. Ours do the same thing, fresh dirt=chicken help.


      1. Both my husband and I just love ducks, but keeping water for them in winter without freezing is our biggest road block. If you get ducks, it would be a great learning tool for me to sneak ideas off of you.. 🙂

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