Week 6 is Here! 

I’ve decided that starting next week, I’m going to combine the week-aversary posts into one for all three breeds.

The Buff Orpington and Black Australorp chicks are six weeks today.  Some of them are in the grow up coop.  Three of them are still in the brooder.  They are late bloomers.  They still have a lot of down.  I’m keeping them in the brooder til they fill out more.

Dad says that is bring cruel to them and I should just move them in with the others and expect them to cuddle for the warmth they need to feather out.

It’s been warm outside, but the barn is still cool (around 50-55 degrees).  They won’t be going outside until it gets a little warmer and they get a little bigger.  I’m not worried about the girls who’ve already feathered out.

On the other hand…  Pip spent the whole winter in the barn with his Momma and the other hens.  He never used a heat lamp and by the time he was 6 weeks, he was unable to sleep under Abby.  Believe me, he tried!  It was hilarious to watch!

So he would up cuddling next to her, with the barn being about 20-30 degrees all winter long.

Is it possible Dad is right?  I should just put the last three in the grow up coop and trust that their siblings will keep them warm enough?

It’s going to be in the 60-70’s range all next week, so the barn will be a little warmer.

And lastly… Our week-aversary pics…

Next week, Probably in Wednesday, I will post one of everyone in the grow-up coop.


ETA:   DH took the liberty of moving the brooder lamp unto the grow up coop, so now all babies are together again.  I’ll remove the lamp when those last couple lose that stubborn baby down.

Now we’re all happy as clams.

4 thoughts on “Week 6 is Here! 

  1. They’re growing up a lot! I have no idea what I’d do – if I have chicks with the mothers, it doesn’t matter what temperature it is, they are always fine. Of course, it doesn’t actually get to freezing here, but I think they would probably still be ok. But chicks without a mother, I’m not sure… I think I might also leave them in the brooder! One thing is sure: it’s not cruel! 😉 After all, they are still 3 together. If it was only one, that would be a different thing. And if you take them out and they die of cold, that would be crueler… But of course they might be perfectly fine! Well that wasn’t very helpful! 😀 Good luck! x

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    1. Nope, not helpful! 😉. And entirely the dilemma I’m facing. Pip did fine all winter. He went out side at a week old and when he got cold he just tucked up in under Abby until he got warm. At 6-7 weeks he was too big to sit under her but he snuggled next to her as close as he could and again, he was fine.

      With these chicks, it won’t get as cold because it’s April and not January. And they would be too big to sleep under a momma now, especially not 3 of them. I just can’t decide. I know the mother hens do things totally differently than we as humans would do.

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