Chicken Apocalypse 

Yesterday started the process of spring cleaning in our chicken coop, as well as moving the Littles over to the ‘grow up coop.’ 

Or, as the hens have dubbed it – the Chicken Apocalypse 2016. 

Yes, dear readers, I cleaned a winter’s worth of deep litter bedding out of the coop, swept down the window ledges, put all fresh bedding in the laying beds and hung up clean curtains.  


It looks nice, doesn’t it?  I trimmed the curtains a little bit so they didn’t over-hang too much.  

Yes, I went with cloth and not shower curtains, by the way.  Probably a good thing, too, for reasons I did NOT foresee.  

The hens flipped out! Like, total end of the world, the sky is falling level panic.  

I’m not sure how they are feeling about it today, but if I stop getting eggs, it will because they are protesting the changes.

And while the girls were debating if the coop was safe to lay eggs in yesterday, I was bringing some of the Littles over to the split half. The Grow Up coop.  They will stay there until we’re ready to integrate, sometime this summer. 

I moved nine of our eighteen chicks over yesterday and few more today.  They looked so BIG in the brooder but in the grow up coop, they look so small.


This morning, one of the hens finally got over the shock of new bedding and curtains long enough to look through the door and see what was in there.  

One of the Australorps stared back at her and she ran back outside!  

Then she came back in and stared some more.  Clearly, this is too much change for one lifetime.  What was I thinking?

Oh yeah, that the coop needed cleaning and my babies were getting too big for the brooder.  They looked like feathered sardines! 

There are three chicks still in the brooder.  They still have too much down to leave the lamp.  They’ll be exactly 6 weeks tomorrow but I don’t think they are ready just yet.  I will simply keep checking in them every day and see where it goes.  


4 thoughts on “Chicken Apocalypse 

  1. I love your grow up coop. I need to add some toys to my coop for my birds. I need to build a grow up coop! We had a makeshift one last year and I absorbed it into the regular coop after I integrated everyone, so we need a new one for this year. Your coop looks great. 🙂

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    1. Our ‘grow up coop’ is just one half of the regular coop. We put up a door and it splits it. When I integrate, we will start by leaving the door open during the day and then closing it at night, until they prove they won’t kill each other and then we’ll remove the door.

      This is probably why the hens are pissed at me. The chicks get the good corner beds.


  2. The coop looks great!! Love the clean curtains! We just got 4 new chicks and will be going through the integrating process in a month or so. Your coop set up is much better than ours for that, ours will be a bit of a process/struggle due to it being so much smaller. We built for aesthetics not practicality. Good luck mystery bin chicks in the new grown up coop!

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    1. Thanks!!! I like our grow-up set up. I think it makes it easier when we go to integrate because they will spend weeks staring at each other through the wire and door before we introduce them. It gives them all time to get used to the idea of each other. I will do supervised ‘play dates’ for a while and eventually let them all run lose together

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