It Could Have Been Worse

coopdoor  See this?

It’s a chicken door, so our chickens can go outside during the day and not have to spend all day inside their coop.

Normally, Little Dude and I lock it up at night when we do head count, and thus ensure that whatever sneaksy nighttime predators their are don’t think that it’s an open invitation to snack on our birds.

Yesterday, I went down to the barn, as usual.  Opened the front door, and as usual, called out my greeting of ‘good-morning, peepy chicks!”   Yes, I know that most of them aren’t chicks who say “peep” any more, but they ALL grew up hearing me say it, so it’s custom.

What wasn’t ‘as usual’ was the reaction I was greeted to – 14 very agitated chickens in the coop.  Abigail, as the oldest hen and self-appointed boss, leading the list of complaints in her most bossiest of Boss Voices.

Something was wrong.

The something was quickly noticeable.  The door – as seen in this non-related pictured – had been left open ALL Night.

It had been windy and cold, and that coop had been exposed.  ALL night.

Which, quite frankly, I am at a loss to explain because Little Dude and I, plus DH, went down there as is our norm, and were in and out of the coop 3 times the night before.  Little Dude went around back, brought in the treat dish.  He usually locks the coop door then.

We all missed it, and I don’t know how.

Abby didn’t care about ‘how’ we missed it.  Just that we did.  She yelled at me while I recounted heads and checked that everyone was safe and unharmed.

She yelled at me while I checked that no flying birds or anything else unpleasant had invaded the coop and might still be there.

She yelled at me while I took the treat dish and filled it (I give them a scoop or two of feed with a little scratch on top to go outside with, one a day).

She yelled at me while I took the treat dish outside into the run.

We screwed up and she wanted me to know about it.

Well, yes, we did screw up.  Anything could have gotten into the coop and attacked our chickens.  Nothing did, thank goodness.  But I definitely could have been met by something much worse than a scolding hen.



7 thoughts on “It Could Have Been Worse

  1. There is nothing worse than that slight panic you get when you realize a whoops like that. I always fear of a left open door since we have so many awful varmints out at night by us. Thankfully everyone is safe!! I’m sure Abby would have fought any predators off that even tried to eat her and her friends!:)

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    1. Abby is so funny. She’s smaller than most of the other hens, in part because of her going broody at the start of the winter and in part because of her breed, but she’s the BOSS. And we have 2 roosters – her sexlink “brother” Dots, and the son she hatched, Pip. But Abby bosses Dots around, too, in this cute little way they have. I’m sure she would have deferred the defending to the boys, but would have been issuing orders to the girls on how to stay out of the way!

      She’s always been that way, even as a chick.

      I am very glad, though, that they were all okay. I’d rather get scolded by Abby than face a coop full of dead chickens.

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    1. Abby has her own very unique personality. She’s always been protective, even as a chick, and always been vocal about the things that affect her. She stands on the cinder block by the door, nice and tall and just… let’s me know what’s going on. The rest of the time, she’s a little sweetheart. She doesn’t bite, not even when she’s broody. Like I said… unique.


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