Can I use shower curtains as nesting box curtains??

This may sound like a totally off the wall question — but can I use shower curtains as nesting box curtains??

With Spring coming, I’m looking to take down my old nesting box curtains and replace them with clean ones. Last year, I used a couple yards of cloth and stapled them over the nesting boxes to give shade/privacy so my Girls could do their thing. The downside is,. they roost above those boxes and when they poop, the cloth is sometimes in the line of fire. They’re filthy and gross and I want them GONE.

But my Girls still need a nice, quiet, shady place to lay their eggs. So I’m thinking — shower curtains? They’re sturdy, less prone to frayed threads, and if they get poop on them, I can take a spray bottle cleaner (or a vinegar/water mix) and a rag and clean them up.

Thoughts? Anyone?

BTW, this is what my old curtains looked like when they were new, and clean and not a poopy mess. I try not to take pictures of them now, because they are gross.


3 thoughts on “Can I use shower curtains as nesting box curtains??

  1. I don’t see why you couldn’t use them. Sounds like they would be easier to clean up with. I could see my chickens pecking at them, especially if they have a shine/gloss to them and they wouldn’t last as long. But it’s probably worth a try!

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  2. I don’t use any curtains on my nesting boxes. You could try the shower curtain thing (probably easier to clean than cloth) but I don’t think you need to have any curtains. Although your hens are used to them now so I don’t know how it would go if you stopped. Good luck! 🙂

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    1. It’s also not really visible from any of my pics, but the fourth wall of my coop is dominated by 2 huge barn windows. It gets ample sunlight. I implimented the curtains after learning that hens like a little privacy to lay their eggs. They do tend to pick the corner boxes and the ones further from the window.


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