Uber-Predator Stalking My Chickens

American Bald Eagle, flying over the farm.

I’d be excited about it, because Yay!Bald!Eagle! But he’s circling the field and pasture where my chickens usually free range. I have them locked in the run today, because I don’t want to lose more to the road before The Fence is built, but a few of them know how to fly over the run.

5 thoughts on “Uber-Predator Stalking My Chickens

  1. Oh no! I’m more afraid of flying predators than the night presators. I think hawks and eagles are beautiful but when I see them flying around I gey panicky!

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  2. I have had roosters make a noise when they see a flying predator – I’ll hear a squawk and then suddenly all the hens run inside the coop. Just so you know that the Roosters also will do what they can to prevent someone getting taken by the eagle. I hope he moves on somewhere else when he doesn’t find easy pickings (I do love seeing them too, just not by my chickens.) 🙂

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