Yesterday, I watched as two of girls fought each other over the exact same laying box.  Never mind that I have 36 laying boxes, and they were the only two girls in need of boxes.

It was an amusing (for me) but also frustrating (for them) battle of wits, which I don’t know who won because I gave up watching in favor of getting breakfast.

Meanwhile, in the coop…

3 thoughts on “Randomness

    1. No kidding! And apparently, those two hens spent the whole day fighting. They still picking on each other when I went to lock them up last night.

      It started with Amy sitting in the good corner laying box. I saw her get out, and go get a drink of water. Amy is one of my girls who sits a LONG time before she lays. As she was in there when I came to clean the coop, I figured she was done. But no, she started squacking and looking in other boxes before jumping back up to the box next to the corner box. I check… and Henrietta is in that one. She must have gotten in while Amy was getting her drink.

      What followed them taking turns pushing each other out, growling and squacking at each other… and one instance of Henrietta trying to ‘trick’ Amy into thinking she really needed that box by singing the Egg Song at the top of her lungs!

      That’s where I gave up watching.

      I come back later, at bed time, and Amy and Henrietta are roosting next to each other, but Henny has the spot Amy wants, so Amy pecks, repeatedly, her until she moves.

      Poor Henrietta moved away from Amy, only to find herself disturbing Abigail, Dots and two other hens before she got far enough away.

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  1. Funny! 🙂 I think they all do that. We’ve had up to 40 hens using a bank of 12 nest boxes, and on slow days no more than three would have any eggs in them, but those three would be full and I’d have to chase a hen out to collect eggs.


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