7 thoughts on “Chickens in Winter

  1. Some breeds don’t lay as well when it is cold and others don’t stop. We have a flock right now that got down to 1-2 eggs per day, but is already back up to 6 eggs a day from 12 hens. Our days are in the 30-40s and nights are high 20s. Tomorrow I pick up 8 astralorp pullets to put in our brooding box and raise. They are usually our best layers.

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    1. Our lowest has been 3 eggs, out of 15 hens. Right now, it’s actually going back up. Got 7 yesterday. But we’ve had unseasonably warm weather through most of January and Feb so far.


    1. Oh, I know it’s the length of the day, but my girls do NOT like snow at all. If you click the link source, it will take you to a picture I took of their footprints in the snow.


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