Happy Belated Week-adversary, Pip!!!

Pip celebrated 8 weeks with us this weekend!!!


He’s gotten big this last few weeks, I think.

As the captions say, Pip is starting his 8th week in the flock.  He’s getting bigger and learning his place in the pecking order.  Which, despite Abby’s best efforts to secure him a good spot, is still close to the bottom.  But that’s to be expected.  For now.

This week has seen more efforts by Abby to let Pip go off in his own.  She isn’t mean to him or ignoring him, just letting him wander off on his own a couple of feet.

Unless I pick him up and then she goes all worried momma on me.  It’s cute.  She’s a good momma.  😀

I’ve caught Abby, Dots and Pip all standing together around the feed dish like a family.  I have told Dots he was the papa, so he knows they are in some level.  He even joined them in the first night Pip slept in the roost instead of a bed.

  They were inches from each other on the roost, Pip sitting between his parents.
That’s a big thing because Dots usually sleeps under the girls on the shelf above the laying beds, but when he saw Pip and Abby up there he made such a big deal about it that I picked him up and he settled in.  Not comfortably.  I got something like 15 pics of him making the weirdest faces while he tried to get comfy for the night.

Maybe I’m inferring that he cares, but I think he does.

Both Abby and Dots seem to have abounding patience for Pip, even though the other chickens seem to think his ‘cuteness card’ has expired.  Yes, that’s right, the aunties are starting to get annoyed with him.

It’s been 8 weeks, after all, and Pip rarely shuts up.  It seems like there’s been a constant stream of peep-peep-peep (or lately chee-chee-chee-cheep) since his egg hatched.

I’ve often wonders what he was saying or if it wasn’t a running commentary of ‘hey, momma, what’s this? Why do we do that?  Can I eat this?  Can we snuggle now?’

I’ll probably never know.

4 thoughts on “Happy Belated Week-adversary, Pip!!!

    1. Not an Orphington. He’s a gold sexlink (sometimes called a golden comet). I wish I had some Orphingtons, though. I might look into getting some chicks or hatching eggs this year.


  1. I can identify with ” his “cuteness card” has expired”. It’s taken our 20-week old Brown Shavers a few weeks but at night now fewer feathers are flying when they roost in the hen-house with the older hens. Orpingtons are on my wish list also.

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    1. When we integrated our sexlinks with our Rhode Island Reds, the sexlinks had a 3.5 week head start in age, but they were a LOT bigger. Took us almost 2 months to fully integrate to a point where blood wasn’t spilled.

      With Pip, things have been so much more peaceful. He was laid, hatched and raised in the coop with the whole flock, with Abby playing the role of ‘helicopter mom’ whenever one of the aunties came too close. I’ve made note of it before in posts, becausequite a few of our girls stopped laying in the coop because Abby would chase off anyone not in a laying box or a roost so Pip could have free reign of the coop as a play yard.

      Now that he’s older, they’re definitely not cutting him slack anymore. Ive seen a couple girls go after him for being annoying. But for the most part, he already understand where he falls in the pecking order because he grew up inside it.

      It’s been cool to watch. 🙂

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