Little Roo?

I know that in most cases, 4 1/2 weeks of age is too young to tell if a chick will be a boy or girl.   But I’m standing firm in my belief that Pip is going to be a Roo.

Pip as a very pronounced comb for a small chick, and has had one since his 2-week mark.

Also, his wee little baby wattles have taken on a jowly look.  The last chick I had to look like that was definitely a rooster.

I hope he turns out to be mild mannered, like his papa.  We’ll be keeping him through the winter, so he’ll have plenty of time to interact with Double Dots and the hens.

5 thoughts on “Little Roo?

  1. After raising chicks for awhile you begin to have that eye for roos! I know I can sex a bird at 3 weeks old if I’m familiar with the breed. Go with your gut! You’re probably right, lol


    1. It’s hard telling because Pip is a cross breed and my only points of reference are the two sub-flocks I raised this spring. The sexlinks all matures quickly, while the RiRs were slower.

      However, since my rooster is a sexlink and there are more RiR hens than anything else, chances are good I’ll have more chances to see how cross-breeding them results with chicks. I’ve pretty much decided to let Abby have eggs if she goes broody again.


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