My Poor Babies

Jolene and Sara, the only two dumb enough to venture out today.  Or smart enough- they got to eat the rice and venison!

No wind, and it’s fairly warm by comparison of a few days this week, but it was freezing rain and snow all night, so the run was all slush and ice.

Sara and Jolene were the only two crazy enough to brave it for the lyrebird treats. The rest of the flock stayed indoors today.

11 thoughts on “My Poor Babies

    1. Mine don’t like it much either. This is their first year, as all of these are under a year old, and the snow is cold on their toes. But I left the door to the run open so the option is available. Unless the temps dip below zero, I’ll probably always let them have the option.


  1. That’s how I do it too – leave the door open during the day for them, just in case they decide they’d like to venture outside. Most don’t, but I’ve noticed if it’s a sunny day they will come out even in the snow.


    1. Not a lot of sun today, but I noticed two of them came out later on to lay eggs. (Ever since Abby went broody, I’ve had 2-3 who have been laying in the top of the barn instead of the run. They had to brave the snow and ice to get there this morning. It’s nuts.)

      What breeds do you have? Mine are the RiRs and gold sexlinks. Supposed to be winter hardy, but this winter hasn’t truly tested them yet.


    1. We’ve had 20-30 degree weather the last few weeks and they seem to be fine. I think it largely depends on the type of bird you have. I chose breeds who are supposed to be ‘winter hardy’ or acclimate well to extreme weather. They don’t seem to mind so much, as long as the wind isn’t blowing. Also, they don’t like how the snow is cold on their toes. We haven’t seem colder temps yet.


      1. Glad to hear they are doing well with colder weather. 🙂

        Mine are still doing okay. It’s snowed a bit, so they go out, realize their toes are cold and go back into the coop!

        I also also have the one 5 week old chick who is hanging out with his momma. He goes outdoors but if its too cold for him, he goes back inside.

        I am a little apprehensive, however, because apparently, our region is getting a significant drop in temps. It’s in the 30’s today, but tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 18, with a low… depending on sources between 10-4. They will definitely be getting the heat lamp tomorrow! I doubt they will even attempt to venture out.


    1. *examines picture closely*

      Not sure if she’s standing in the dish or just behind it. Hard to tell. But I do have a couple of them who stand in the dish. It doesn’t tip over so much as they scatter it around.

      Inside the coop, I have pvc feeder tubes on the wall, and that’s their primary dish. The bowl in this picture is their ‘treat dish’ I use for scratch and other non-feed things. Oatmeal, fruit, etc. I always give them a scoop of scratch and sunflower seeds in the morning.


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