Happy Day, Pip, you are 4 Weeks old!

Crazy, isn’t it?  Pip is getting so big!


Today marked Pip’s 4-week-aversary.  He/she spent it trying to avoid me picing him up for pictures and wandering around the barn yard with Abby (momma) and the rest of the flock.


Right now, as I type this, Pip is exploring the side barnyard, out by the silos and wood pile… again, with the whole flock.  He still keeps close to Abby and she is still being the good Momma who shows him stuff, but I can see where she is encouraging Pip to be a little more independent.

He caught a slug by himself this morning for breakfast.  All by himself.

Our Pip is growing up!

And because yesterday was Christmas… I have Christmas morning chicken pics…

The chickens got plain spaghetti noodles and meal worms in their treat dish for Christmas… and a suet cake in the coop.  They still have the suet cake, or what’s left of it.


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