Cute Chicken Joke


I found this via Chicken Jokes on Facebook.   I just thought it was cute.  🙂

A question for readers, which do you prefer, white or brown eggs?

All of my chickens lay brown eggs, which I think are neater in some respects because they sometimes have speckles and different shades to them.  But I know people who only ever get white eggs, and swear that brown eggs ‘taste different.’  They don’t.  It’s an egg.

Well, no, it’s not ‘an egg’ I guess.  My home grown eggs taste 100x better than store bought eggs because they get fresh pasture, grass, bugs and plenty of sunlight to supplement their chicken feed. But store bought eggs of any color all taste the same, pretty much.

So again… which do you prefer.  White or Brown?

3 thoughts on “Cute Chicken Joke

  1. I don’t really have a preference. I DO like my chickens’ eggs more than store bought definitely. My goal is to get some chickens that lay different color eggs in the next couple years. Most of mine lay brown, but I have one that lays white eggs. You can get olive eggers, blue egg layers, and Marans that lay chocolate colored shelled eggs.
    I have a friend that just got into raising chickens this year, and some of his lay white eggs – he was very surprised by that. He said that he actually had thought that white eggs were bleached! Like they bleach white flour. 😀


    1. Bleached! LOL! We have a neighbor whose chickens lay blue eggs. I wouldn’t mind getting some chickens who lay different colors. Maybe in a couple of years.


  2. I enjoy a variety of colors, even though they are all the same inside, as you said. It’s just fun to see people’s faces when you give them a dozen and they see the white, cream, brown, blue, and olive eggs. People get so excited. 🙂 It’s also nice to blow out eggshells and decorate for Easter without having to dye eggs.

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