My rooster, Dots, has a limp tonight.

He wasn’t limping this morning or afternoon, so I noticed it right away.

I immediately checked him over for signs of a leg or foot injury, or signs of bumblefoot.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but he’s definitely favoring his right leg when he walks.

A google search for ‘limping chicken’ leads me this post about ‘how to fix a gimpy chicken’  which covers not just leg injuries and bumblefoot but egg-bound (Dots is NOT egg bound.  He’s a boy).   The posts suggests a nice warm bath and half a baby aspirin every day until limp goes away.

My question is, is this a valid treatment?????




2 thoughts on “Limping?

  1. I wish I knew the answer. I hope his leg gets better soon. I tried looking it up too and I found that thing about the bath and baby asprin. You could try the asprin and keeping him away from everyone else for a bit. If his leg is a muscle issue the bath may actually feel good too. 🙂 I wish I could be more help.


    1. One the suggestion of a chicken mama on Facebook, I isolated him in the dog crate overnight, with baby aspirin dissolved in water ( in the hopes he’d drink it) . I didn’t actually see where he got much of the water, but he was walking slight better. Not much. After breakfast I’m going to catch him up and bath him, and hopefully enlist Dad in helping me check his foot out. Just because I can’t see anything, doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. He doesn’t feel warm and he’s still eating, so he’s not off his feed. The only thing I can see right now (other than the limp) is that he is having trouble mounting his hens to mate. Not that they care. They surrounded the dog crate this morning to ‘check on him’ because he wasn’t there with them over night and they missed him. I feel so bad. 😦


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