A Baker’s Dozen

Honestly, I kind of thought I wasn’t going to see everyone lay until next spring, given my ladies’ habit of waiting 1 – 2 weeks after someone lays before a new one starts.  That and little Claire being such a b-word while she’s in a laying box.  She sits there half the morning and screeches at anyone (me, Little Dude or the other hens) who come inside the coop.  And she bites.

I think it intimidates the other hens, because in the last couple of weeks I’ve seen some of the girls silently checking out the laying boxes, only to be scared off by the racket she makes.

But in the last couple of days, they all seem to be getting in on the act.  I’ve had as many as five hens in the boxes at the same time, all laying.

This afternoon has seen the most activity, with a lot of newbies getting in on the action.  This almost meant the coop was filled with screeching and cackling.  Dh said it sounded like someone was killing them at one point.

The result is thirteen new eggs. That’s thirteen out of sixteen hens. Yesterday was only ten.

I don’t really know if everyone is laying or not (just some of them not every day) or if I’m still waiting on a few stragglers.

In related news, I had my first egg sales. My sister in law bought five dozen eggs on Wednesday. I should have kept on dozen, because we needed it and we didn’t realize, but that was a couple days ago and I was still only getting 7 – 8 eggs a day.

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