Too Much Going, Too Many Cold, Rainy Days

Dots and his ladies last week, during of of many cold, rainy days we had.

So the last couple of weeks have been cooler, rainy and not much fun for me. I would have thought the birds would have felt the same, but they actually seemed to enjoy the cooler weather. Even on the day I could see my breath, they were outside, peck and clucking and foraging. I brought them treats in the form of warm oatmeal and pie crust (left over from a couple of home-made pies), and old bread, and they seemed to enjoy that.

Now that the rain has stopped, they’re doing some extensive exploring of the pasture and the swampy area next to it. It’s not uncommon for me to go down in the afternoons and find nothing up little tails sticking up out of the tall grass in the swamp.

Today, they are all exploring the sumac patch which is growing closer to the barn.

I’m wondering why they’re just NOW exploring these areas when they’ve been there the entire time, but at the same time, I figure that hey! it’s a big barnyard and they are getting older.

I’m up to 8 hens laying how, out of 16, so that’s half. The newest girl, Madison, laid her first egg today.

Five days ago, we got another, whom Little Dude has dubbed ‘the dangerous layer’ because she doesn’t lay in the box. we’ve found her eggs outside in the run (during one of the cold, rainy days), in the grass near the run, and once on the ground in the coop, right next to their water. ONCE (and only the once), she made it into a box.

We don’t know who she is, though, as I’ve never seen her lay. We just find it on the ground somewhere. I have suspicions, given how close the eggs are to the run and coop, that she’s making the attempt to get to a laying box, but she’s either coming from a distance away (like the pasture or the swamp) and doesn’t quite make it or she isn’t quite in tune with her own body and is misjudging how long she has before oops!egg!

Either way, it’s an easter egg hunt to find her egg every day.

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