Mouse Hunt

Last night, DH and I noticed Dots and his ladies playing with something in front of the barn. From a distance, it looks like a huge leaf. Kind of dark, oval-ish shaped. Dots was picking it up, dropping it and buck-bucking like he wanted the girls to check it out.

We walked down to see what it was, and it turned out to be a small field mouse.

They took turns passing it around all evening. The last time we saw it, one of the RiRs was running into the bushes with it, while three others chased after her.

2 thoughts on “Mouse Hunt

    1. It was! They kept ‘passing it around’ (meaning one would lose control and someone else would take over) for quite a while. It’s not evident from the pictures I took, but the mousie was almost broken in half by that point.

      DH says they will eat small snakes, too, but the last time we tried giving them a small snake, they were terrified of it.


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