Broody Abby

Well, it’s a definite… Abby is broody.

Since my last post, I’ve spent a lot of time debating (with myself and) with DH about how we should handle a broody hen. I honestly didn’t expect any of them to go broody this year. They aren’t even 6 months old yet, and I read somewhere that hatcheries are slowly ‘breeding out’ broodiness so that hens will lay longer.

But yeah… she’s broody.

While we were deciding what to do about it, we let her stay in the beds, although, I did remove the plastic eggs from her bed and the couple next to it, so as to discourage her. I also began the practice of checking on her 4 or 5 times a day and removing her from the bed to ensure she got small doses of food/water/exercise.

It as NOT discouraged her in the slightest.

So… today, we’re trying a ‘broody breaker’ crate.

It’s actually a small dog crate that I’ve re-purposed. I’ve set it on top of two 4×4 boards, with the tray from the dog crate between them to catch any droppings. We put wire over the bottom of the crate so she wouldn’t fall through, added food and water, and plopped her in it.

She’s plenty mad at me right now. Poor baby. 😦 I hope this doesn’t last long.

2 thoughts on “Broody Abby

    1. I saw 🙂

      I really am not prepared for little chicks this year. I’d like to see how the winter goes with these hens. Either in the spring or in the fall, I would like to get 10 more chicks of different varieties. i’d like some barred rocks, orpingtons and wyandottes. After those, I would LOVE to let them brood a little and see what becomes of them. We still have our boy, Double Dots, and he does love his ‘girlfriends’ very much. He’s very attached to Abigail, too. So there may be chicks in our future, but maybe just not this time.

      Besides, counting Abby, I only have 6 (out of 16) hens laying. I’ve been told in various places that ‘broodiness begets broodiness’ and if all of the girls with her went broody, too, we wouldn’t have eggs again until the rest of the RiRs started laying.

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