3 Hens + 5 Days = 


18 pack of eggs

I have three hens laying eggs now.  Abby, my first layer, does one egg a day but takes off one day a week to rest.  Either Rebecca or Ava (not sure which because I don’t usually see her in there) is the other hen, and she also does one egg a day.  The other is a RiR hen and she lays every other day.  

Somehow, in the last 5 days, the three of them filled an 18-pack.  


3 thoughts on “3 Hens + 5 Days = 

    1. I’ve been very excited for this! Every time a new hen starts laying Little Dude and are so happy. DH is like ‘they’re just eggs’ or ‘they’re just chickens’ but this is very exciting for us. 🙂 we have 4 layers now, as a 4th egg started appearing in the boxes over the weekend. It’s a lighter, slightly skin-colored egg, the ‘peach’ of a crayon.

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