As the Rooster Crows

Went down to the coop this morning and was greeted by one of the ‘little Roo-lings’ (the Rhode Island Red boys) who has finally found his crow.

I’ve been wondering when they would start, considering most of my Gold Boys were crowing by 9 or 10 weeks and this little Reds just…weren’t.  They’re at 15.5 weeks now, so it feels like I’ve been waiting forever!

And while I was trying to convince him to do it again (for a better video), Dots decided to show the little punk how it’s really done.  While the video shows my new little crower, you can here Dots loud and clear in the back ground.  He’s been waiting impatiently for them to crow, too.  Dots and his ‘brothers’ used to crow at each other from around the barnyard, much like a game of hide and seek or marco polo, and eversince we butchered the last of those brothers, Dots has been waiting for the little Roo-lings to grow up enough to play the game.

I love how different they sound in rhythm and cadence.  🙂

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