DH says that Rhode Island Reds love high places.

Observing our little ones grow up, I’ve had plenty of chances to prove this true.  Even as day-olds, they loved to jump and  try to fly.  The first night they spent in the ‘big coop’ several of the little Red hens made it up into the rafters and they’ve been sleeping there at night ever since.

Sunday night, I took these pictures… because, this time, not only were the Red hens up in the rafters, so was one of the Gold hens.

The rest of the Reds welcomed her by making room and snuggling in for the night.  I wonder if she will make a nightly habit of it, or if her other two sisters will notice and join her?


10 thoughts on “Rafters

  1. Its really neat finding them up there. Last night, there were nine hens up in the rafters. 8 of the RiRs and then Abigail (one of the Golds). Abby is the biggest of the sexlinks hens. She used to terrorize the little hens before, so seeing her sit with them at night is interesting. Right now, she’s has been fending off one of the RiR roosters who ‘thinks’ she’s his girlfriend. She thinks he’s a pain in the neck, so she attacks and chases him off. *grin*


  2. My Buff Orpington pullets LOVED to fly and perch when they were younger. Not so much now, since they’re older and growing mature, but it was so fun to have chicks perch on your head. It was quite amusing!
    Your hen chases off your rooster? lol! We used to have RiR roosters, but we had to…you know…slice. They were attacking us, and they weren’t nice. We have an annoying duck who thinks he’s a chicken. When my roosters grow up, if we still have him, they’ll kick his butt. They know he’s not a chicken. lol, I love reading your posts! I love chickens, and this gives me something chicken-related to do.


    1. She does! She’s 4 weeks older than him and thinks he’s a little punk! It’s funny to watch! We have had to ‘slice’ some too. Out if my 45 chickens, 29 were roosters. We have 9 left right now


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