Adventures in Integrating

Last weekend was pretty hot here in northern Pennsylvania, and I decided to treat my flock with a big bowl of frozen fruit.  They had mango, peaches, pineapple, grapes (cute into 3rd and 4th, because I read that chickens sometimes eat grapes whole if they aren’t cute) and a little fresh watermelon and cantaloupe, too.

Since my last post, we butchered ten of the sexlinks roosters, leaving me seven of those, plus what I THOUGHT was eleven Rhode Island Red roosters. It turns out, we have twelve RiR roos.  Just discovered that today.  The remaining chickens of both age groups have been getting along much better since the loss of the Ten.  I think it helped that I made certain the bulk of the ‘trouble makers’ were butchered.

Since the 12th, they were slowly learning to live together, and some of the sexlinks were venturing into the ‘Little’s side of the coop’ to sleep at night.  Also, as evidenced by the pictures I’m sharing, they are also starting to share the barnyard without fighting.

Although, I will say that, despite the older chickens venturing into the rest of the coop, they don’t hang out much.  The Reds stick with their own and the Golds like(d) to wander all over the barnyard and out front and even into the top of the barn (where we store the tractors and equipment) in little bunches of three-s and fours.  But the constant worry I had that the bigger ones would kill the littles was pretty much alleviated now that some of the roosters have been culled.

It was a lot quieter than before, and I have to admit that I do miss the sea of white chickens out back of the barn.

We butchered another ten yesterday – six more sexlinks and four of the Red roosters – and will likely do the last of the roosters in another 2 or 3 weeks.  I’ll talk more about that in another post, as I have some concerns now that all but one of the Gold sexlink Roosters is gone.

For now, please enjoy a few more pictures of the flock, pre-second wave of culling.



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